Choosing The Right Wedding Photographer

Are you getting ready for the most exciting day of your life? Getting the perfect pictures will be an integral part of the experience, providing you with sweet memories to go over again and again.

Choosing the right wedding photographer is the key to getting the perfect pictures. How can you make sure that the professional you pick understands all of your requirements and desires? Getting some important information from potential wedding photographers will help you make up your mind about the selection.

 The Cost

How will the cost of your wedding photos be calculated? Is the wedding photographer willing to travel to a particular location? The cost of getting to your wedding venue could have some impact on the final figure, which is why you need to discuss this aspect of the collaboration in advance.

Make sure there are no hidden costs and unexpected surprises. The best wedding photographers will give you a detailed estimate that covers all aspects of working together. Make sure that you are getting all of this information in advance so that you can choose in accordance to your wedding budget.

The Approach to Photography

Each photographer has a particular style that is evident once you go through the portfolio. As a bride, you have a particular idea about your wedding photo style. You simply need to find the professional that will be capable of executing the idea.

Keep relatives out of the selection process! Everybody has a particular idea and a personal sense of aesthetics that could be quite different from what you are looking forward to. Go through wedding photography portfolios with your significant other and make the final decision without relying on input from relatives and friends.

Once you make up your mind, talk to the shortlisted photographers about it. Professionals in the field should understand your concept right from the start and give you suggestions that will result in an even more spectacular photo session. Getting some information about the pros and the cons of the photography style that you are interested in can also shed some light on the best possibility.

How Many Photos will You Get?

Reputable wedding photographers will give you a photo number estimate right from the start.

The number of photos that will be included in the album and the number of hours that the professional will dedicate to photographing your wedding are both important for figuring out whether this is the person to work with. You want all aspects of the wedding to be captured and the more you get from the interactions with the wedding photographer, the happier you will be with the outcome.

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Are the wedding photographers you are interested in working with giving you any personalisation possibilities? Are you going to get suggestions about the selection of the best wedding album style?

Some photographers will take the service to the next level. They will create special, unique products solely for your wedding. Photo thank-you cards for all of the guests are just one such example. Talk to the photographer if you have interest in getting unique photo souvenirs and discuss the possibilities in advance.


Richard Galloway is an award-winning professional photographer and considered one of the best reportage wedding photographers in Surrey. Creating “story-telling” photographs since 2007, he specialises in documentary (reportage) wedding photography.


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While it may be argued whether or not humans can experience the wholeness of another individual through a screen and keyboard, a person who meets potential dates online must be prepared to meet them offline as well. Keep in mind that people online tend to experiment with their identities - something that is not always intentional. Often, people feel satisfied by an internet relationship not because this relationship is really successful, but because their subconscious inclinations and fantasies are temporarily satisfied.

That’s why once these relationships move into the offline world, some of them are destined to crumble. They realize that they cannot physically live the online fantasy they have created. Also, the image of the ‘perfect partner’ is often projected in the internet, and your expectations aren’t met when you meet the person face-to-face.

The solution to these raised expectations is to keep your online interactions grounded in real life. Yes, fantasies can be healthy, but not when you expect them to completely translate into your real life. People are naturally imperfect, so there’s no reason for you to expect Hollywood endings and celebrity looks from your online partner.

Tips for Your First Offline Meeting

Meeting your online partner in person for the first time can be nerve-wracking and confusing. You usually worry if they’re up to your expectations or if you’re up to theirs. Sometimes you also worry if your partner will show up at all. Whatever concerns you may have, make sure that you stay relaxed throughout the process and that you don’t worry too much.

Here are some tips that can help you feel more comfortable with the Online-to-Offline transition of your relationship:

Have a phone conversation first before meeting.

This phone conversation can take place anytime during your online relationship. If you think it’ll make you feel more at ease, you can call your online lover a few hours or so before the meeting takes place. You can let him or her know what you’re wearing, how you can be easily identified, etc. When you hear your lover’s voice on the phone, seeing and hearing them in person won’t come as a big shock to you. Meet in a neutral place.

Asking your online lover to pick you up at home is a no-no for your first offline meeting. It’s best to meet in a casual public place that will allow you to talk and get used to each other’s company. Meeting your online lover in his or her apartment or workplace can also be stressful, so make sure that you meet in an area that neither of you consider as your ‘turf’.

If you haven’t exchanged photos yet, now would be a good time

Seeing each other’s recent photographs will help you identify each other in a crowd more easily. Nothing is creepier than a guy walking around the park asking a random woman if she’s the one he’s looking to meet. Looking at your online lover’s photo also helps you become more realistic in terms of your expectations. Make sure that you are comfortable about your meeting arrangements You shouldn’t make a commitment to meet in a time and place that you’re not comfortable with. Don’t let yourself be forced into making arrangements that you don’t like. Think of what’s convenient and comfortable for you, and try to find a schedule that you both agree with. This will definitely help your mood when you meet, and you won’t feel as tense.

Also, being forced into something is not a great way to start a relationship. Keep things casualTry not to talk about traumatizing relationships or childhood memories on your first meeting. Also, don’t feel pressured into having sex on your first date. The first meeting of online lovers is usually for the sake of familiarization. You have to get to know each other first and to be comfortable with each other’s company.

If you take these tips to heart and keep them in mind before your first meeting – you’ll definitely be on the right track. Your first offline meeting should be a fun, relaxing experience – you deserve nothing less than a great time!

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